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Just thinkin'... About Intimacy With God.

There is a level of abiding, faith and relationship with God that can only take place on the other side of real focused time spent in His word, in worship and prayer. Many talk a big game of their desire to have a closer relationship with God but aren't willing to go to the "secret place" repeatedly, consistently and, at times, sacrificially.

The narrow road to the Kingdom doesn't just apply to salvation in the life of the believer. It applies every day in the choices we make. How we spend our time. How we choose to be entertained. How we approach our time with God. Is it an obligation to be endured or an honor to be cherished and coveted?

A devoted, fruitful life does not come by program. It does not come by ritual. There are not five principles or seven secrets to intimacy with God. Intimacy comes by seeking and soaking in the presence and Word of God...... Often! It is "caught" more than "taught." I fear that in the church we are more adept at trying to convince others we have spent time with God than we are at actually spending the time. If time is spent, convincing isn't necessary. It is apparent.

The truth is, when you choose to spend this time, you desire it more. (Hunger begets hunger) You look for the opportunity. You aren't satisfied with the distraction of life anymore. You can sense in the life of other believers whether they are there or not. It's not a judgment, it's just a realization. The look is different, the talk is different, the walk is different. There is a "fragrance" of the presence of God that permeates their lives..... or not. I suppose the question is, who do we choose to be? A fragrance or......the opposite?

I have tasted and seen, Lord, that you are good. Let my life be a beautiful fragrance to you. Let me pursue that which is on the other side of my choice. Let me abandon excuses that keep me from you. Let the things of this earth go "strangely dim" in my life, and in your church, so that we can experience more of the reality of who you are. Make me a "house of prayer." A true home for your Holy Spirit. Night and day let prayer and praise rise from your temple in me. In Jesus' name, Amen

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