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At The Refuge we understand that Jesus has given every believer the task of being both a disciple and a disciple maker. We also believe this task can best be fulfilled in what we are calling “Life groups.”

Life groups are a place where anyone at any stage in their walk with God, can come and find friendship, support, encouragement, and challenge, while studying The Word of God and growing in their knowledge and relationship with God.


We believe that since every believer is a part of The Body of Christ, every believer has a key role to play in the body life of The Refuge. That’s why it matters if you are involved. We need the gifts, talents, abilities, and insights God has given you! So make plans to jump in and join us on our journey together, to know Christ and to become more like Him.

God Bless, Pastor Tom and Ann

 Life Group
Times and Locations

Life Groups are currently on Summer Break.
We will resume the week of September 10, 2023

Adult Life Group


Life Group Leader: Josh and Veronica Osborne

Host: Patrick and Jennifer Jenkins

Open To All

Location and Time:
Patrick And Jennifer Jenkins House

Tuesday's @ 6 P.M.

Adult Life Group

Life Group Leaders: Jonathan and Audra Williams

Host: Dana Bates

Open To All

Location and Time:
Dana Bates' House
Wednesday's @ 6 P.M.

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