Today, Miss Dana begins discussing the Biblical heroine Esther, how she rose from obscurity to the throne and how she saved her people from a terrible fate.

Great Biblical Leaders: Esther Part 1

Families, what do you think your kids would want to change about the world? Talk about how they can make a difference! Dance along to My Life His 

Story, Shine a Light Remix, and I Am Yours, watch the Bible story “Nehemiah Builds the Wall,” memorize Romans chapter 12, verse 21, and build a “wall” to see how you can make a difference as a family. If you have kids 6 to 10 years old, it’s time for CHURCH AT HOME! “Go Make a Difference,” the included full episode, follows the Konnect HQ crew’s adventures: As Luke says goodbye to his friends at Konnect HQ, Dot refuses to let him leave and goes to great lengths to get him to stay

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Families, talk about your favorite places to visit! Watch the GREEN LIGHT GO Prop Talk and a unique Picture Pass review together! It’s time for CHURCH AT HOME with your 2- to 4-year-olds! This Bible Adventure follows Emily as she learns the Bible App for Kids story, Journeys for Jesus, memorizes Mark chapter 16 verse 15, and answers the question, “Who should I share Jesus with?”

PARENTS: Need more help right away?

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