Mission and Vision

The Mission:


Connect in Relationship

Grow in Fellowship

Advance through Discipleship

The Vision:


1. We envision a fellowship that is truly a “Refuge.”

A safe place where any individual, from any background,

can connect with the church, and

seek to find a relationship with God.

2. We envision a “reaching” Fellowship,

a body of believers who refuse to be

locked inside the four walls of a building,

but are zealous in outwardly focused ministry.

3. We envision a fellowship that is desperately reliant

on the message and power of God revealed through His word,

The Holy Bible, and the Revelation of The Holy Spirit.

4. We envision The Refuge to be a Discipling fellowship.

A place where new believers can come, Learn, mature

and become vibrant members of the Kingdom of God.

5. We envision a fellowship that meets “from house to house”

in small groups, and as a corporate body to worship,

To study scripture, and to encourage one another in the faith.

6. We envision a fellowship that is a “house of prayer”

for the nations of the world.

Committed to seeking God’s plan, and the empowerment

of The Holy Spirit through passionate and intimate intercession.

7. We envision a fellowship that is unhindered in

passionate Praise and Worship.

8. We envision a fellowship that loves, protects,

defends and lifts up fellow believers.

9. We envision The Refuge to be a “sending” Fellowship.

A Place where leaders can be trained,

equipped and sent into the harvest fields.

10. We envision The Refuge to be a pioneering fellowship.

A place that is not only focused on building one local fellowship,

but is committed to sending capable and called leaders

To pioneer new fellowships on the Oregon coast and wherever

else The Holy Spirit Leads.


(541) 269-0872

625 W. Commercial Ave.

Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

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