Dr. Sherlock Bally

As of the year 2015, Dr. Sherlock Bally has been an ordained minister for over thirty-eight years. He attended Southern Bible College in Houston, Texas and did post graduate studies at Luther Rice Seminary and at International Bible Seminary. After attending college, Dr. Bally returned to Trinidad, his homeland and began to pastor the church where he was saved. For fourteen years in Trinidad, his duties included the pastorate of a growing church, a nationally televised program and a radio ministry reaching most of the Caribbean.

He was held hostage by fanatical Islamic adherents in 1990 and was miraculously delivered. His call to the nations led to his return to the United States. Since 1990, Dr. Bally has made over 80 overseas trips in crusades and conventions. He has appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and has ministered with Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Grant Jeffrey, Perry Stone, Morris Cerullo and so many others. God has gifted Dr. Bally in the revelation of end time prophecy and the subsequent application of prophetic truth to personal life. His passion is to see the lost saved, the saved sent, and the sent empowered. He understands the primacy of the local church and the paramount position of the pastor in these days of harvest. He believes that this is the season of revelation, reclamation, restoration, and restitution.

Dr. Bally carries a powerful evangelistic anointing and thousands are saved every year in his meetings. He is anointed to identify the attack of the enemy in everyday situations and arm believers with weapons of faith, to gain victory in the combat zone.

In 2006, Dr. Bally was appointed by the Christian Allies Caucus of the Knesset - The Parliament of Israel - as their liaison to the pastors of North America. The Christian Allies Caucus is comprised of fifteen members of Israel's government. Their purpose is to bring Israel and the Christians closer together. He sees this Judeo-Christian alliance as pivotal and as an integral part and vital component to God's timeline.

Recently, Dr. Bally was also named by the Christian Allies Caucus to be the executive director of the Caribbean Allies for The Israel Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to bringing all the Islands of the Caribbean and all the people of the Caribbean, into a closer relationship to the Knesset. He travels with members of the Israeli Parliament and speaks to Prime Ministers and Parliaments concerning voting for Israel in the UN. He has had the honor of meeting with Prime Ministers, Kings, and Presidents of nations to speak of the Abrahamic Covenant and the vital importance of standing with the nation of Israel. Dr. Bally travels between eight nations a year speaking at conventions, seminars and crusades.

As of the year 2015, Sherlock has just returned from India where he physically spoke to over 7500 pastors and leaders. According to Dr. Vinood Kumar and some of the leaders of Northern India the impact of Sherlock's ministry was unprecedented. There has not been teaching of the relevance of the Abrahamic Covenant nor has there been preaching on prophesies related to Israel until Dr. Bally's visit to them.

They have said that the next seminars collectively will have over 25,000 pastors and leaders because of the great impact that Dr. Bally's ministry has made. Sherlock sees this as the open door of Revelation 3:7 and the equipping of the scores of thousands to enter into the end time harvest.

Dr. Bally has authored thirteen books and has written several manuals of Bible prophecy and has produced many CD's and DVD's. He believes in the vital educational aspect of ministry, and some of his manuals have been adopted and used as college courses. Dr. Bally's vision is to enlighten the nations of the world on Bible prophecy and on the Nation of Israel. He will begin his vision with the opening of a new institute of prophetic studies for 1000's of pastors and leaders in the area of Northern India by the end of 2015. He is married to Renee, his wife of 38 years. She has been a great source of support and encouragement throughout Dr. Bally's ministry. He is the proud father of Rachel and Micah.

Elhanan Glazer

Elhanan Glazer was born in Rehovot, Israel on August 13, 1947. Elhanan studied Techinician of Industrial management at the Institute for Occupational Productivity and economic management and labor laws at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Along with ranking as major in the Israeli military service, Elhanan is a former member of the Israeli Knesset, which is Israel's parliament. He has functioned in many roles and served on several committees. He is the chief advisor Knesset forum on international relations. Elhanon has worked and still works with the elderly in Israel. He travels around America speaking of the importance of Christians, prayer and the need to stand for the Nation of Israel.

Listed below are some of the committees, Knesset lobbies and parliament groups that Elhanan has been involved with throughout the years.


  • Member, subcommittee of confidential matters

  • Member, subcommittee of religious services

  • Member, finance committee

  • Member, foreign affairs and defense committee

  • Member, state control committee

  • Member, committee on drug abuse

  • Member, subcommittee for the problem of pension payments

  • Member, international affairs and environment committee

  • Member, finance committee

  • Chair, joint committee for the "Merkava" government computer project

  • Member, finance committee

  • Member, state contol committee

  • Member, committee on drug abuse

Knesset Lobbies:

  • Member, lobby for Haifa and the Galil.

  • Member, lobby for holocaust survivors

  • Member, lobby for the advancement of education

  • Member, lobby for Rishon Letzion

  • Member, lobby for Aliyih (immigration to Israel)

  • Member, lobby for Ethiopian immigrants

  • Member, Knesset Christian Allies Caucus

  • Member, lobby for public health

  • Member, lobby for the war against violence and crime

Parliamentary Groups:

  • Gil Pensioners Party, Justice for the elderly, The right way


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